Good Keyword Research is Critical to SEO Success

One of the critical features for successful Search Engine Optimization of your website includes good keyword research. Using irrelevant keywords will drive poor quality traffic that won’t benefit you much. Poor quality traffic means users that are not interested in your services or product offering.

There are many highly competitive phrases that can be worked upon by devoting a good amount of time for keyword research. Good and highly relevant phrases help a lot in getting targeted traffic and boosting business. You have to do a good amount of research about the types of phrases the users is most likely to use while trying to search for products or services you are offering.

To help you find good keywords, there are some good keyword research tools available that are widely accepted as best keyword research tools by Brisbane SEO Companies. Some of them are Google Adwords and Wordtracker. From these tools, you can find out how many searches there are each day for any specific keyword or phrase and also how much competition for any specific keyword or phrase exists.

Remember to target the keywords which do not have very high competition. This is the mistake which cost me 2 years of my life. Though I learnt a very good lesson. Do not expect the website to rank in 10 within a few months and some back links. This target can only be achieved with low competition keyword. And once people starts visiting your site, the ranking will automatically build up if the content is good. This is because google also sees the bounce back rate on the website. If the bounce back rate is very high google values down the site as people do not find it useful. Hence its is very important to have  good content and to target the keyword which is very much related to that content.

Now talking about what relevant keywords are, let’s suppose that you have an online store selling natural beauty products. There are many possible phrases that are likely to be used while trying to find this product online, like “beauty products”, “herbal beauty products” , “natural beauty product”, “maintain beauty the natural way”, “natural takes care of beauty” and so on. Use unique and proper keywords/phrases for Search Engine Optimization of your website; this helps in receiving good amount of traffic with lesser competition being more specific in that a user is clearly searching for the type of products or services.

Therefore, have a thorough keyword research beforehand to ensure that the desired results are achieved. Do not solely depend on consultants or web designers for Search Engine Optimization that they will be able to provide you unique keywords or keyword phrases; as mostly likely these professionals use keywords based on their guess or very generic phrases.

For search engine optimization of your site, the best keywords or key-phrases should have some important characteristics so that your website will have a great chance of high rankings on the search engine results pages leading the visitors and conversions to your site.

They should be closely or significantly related to the objectives of your website. The contents that you have made for your website should support these keywords, terms or phrases. There should be a decent competition for the keywords and phrases that you have researched to support cost effective and successful Search Engine Optimization strategy.

Even if you don’t know anything about keywords research and have hired an SEO company to do it for you, you must always take a look at the list to see how relevant the keywords are. No one can judge this better than a website owner. Importance of good keywords should not be under estimated. If it is done correctly, it will prove to be a critical building block of your business.

Post Author: Rose Ellis