Which are the Best SEO Strategies?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is basically the practice of optimizing your website for quick and easy results on your search engine through augmentation of traffic, both in terms of quantity and quality. It is essentially an attempt to send repeated signals to the search engine in order for it to identify your website as a trustworthy and ideal source which is worth showing in the index of the particular search engine.

So basically, if there is no SEO for your website, it is not going to be visible to the majority of the users who wouldn’t spend too much time to find your website, even if it has impressive, quality content. What would make it more relevant to the search engine is the site’s popularity, the number of links from other trusted sites or from credible individuals/customers to your site and unique qualities that will aggrandize your website’s credibility and authority?

All these endeavors to positively affect your website’s popularity and credibility are identified as strategies for optimizing the search engine. Let’s now look at some of the best SEO strategies.

Top SEO Strategies:

  1. The first and foremost strategy is that of making your website most enjoyable to the users. This involves mainly making the website entertaining and adding a novel touch to it. The elementary aim here is to capture the attention of the user and make them stay in the page as long as possible, as it naturally would mean more subscribers or customers which in turn means more popularity! There are certain ways to achieve this, including making the website mobile-friendly, increasing the loading speed of the site, making the page look well-structured and centric to the user’s needs, fixing small errors and bugs, etc.


  1. Another basic strategy is that of effective keyword research which is intended to enhance the search intent of the users. This process involves finding, qualifying and prioritizing keywords so that your keyword stands unique and presents an easy accessibility to the user to what they want to go after. There are many tools used for this purpose, depending on your search engine. The keywords must be reflective of the content you present in your website and also must be resonating with the users. There are two kinds of keyword targeting strategies, namely ‘Body Keyword Focus’ and ‘Long Tail Keyword’. The former one is intended to focus the content on one particular keyword whose search volume is high and then building long tail keywords within the content. The latter is when the content focuses on the long tail keywords, the rankings of which will grow with the escalation of your website’s authority.


  1. Use of ‘backlinks’ is another strategy to build the popularity of a website. It is essentially a hyperlink that leads back to your website or a link that increases the organic traffic on your website when clicked on. These links ought to be relevant to the content in your site and they play a huge role in increasing the ranking of your website.


  1. Another strategy is that of marketing your website in order to gain the maximum number of subscribers and customers. This is done through retargeting and email marketing. Retargeting is basically sending ads based on specific pages on your website to the users who have already visited it. The material evidence of this is the ‘cookies’ that you encounter in certain websites which basically does this retargeting through the generation of ads.

These are some basic strategies that are used in order to accentuate one’s website and promote more traffic and popularity. These are certainly not the only ones, but are relatively more uncomplicated and relevant in this particular time period, making them the best SEO strategies.


Post Author: Rose Ellis